Our Montauk Sand Ecofriendly Undyed Natural Wool Area Undyed Natural Wool Area Rug features a sleek geometric lattice pattern. Constructed using all-natural materials in its surface and primary and secondary backings, the cushy soft loop pile is made with 100% pure undyed wool. Because the wool is undyed and the backing is comprised entirely of organic materials, Montauk contains no harsh chemicals and is certified as a low VOC product which contributes to high indoor air quality.

100% Undyed Natural Wool
Woven Wilton Loop Pile

Need help finding the perfect size rug for your space? Great rooms and bedrooms are getting larger and larger. Some smaller-sized areas have strict size requirements but still call for a gorgeous floor covering. Luxe Home Company makes custom easy! This rug can be cut and sewn to almost any size. We have pre-priced a large selection of sizes below.