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Mahone Wave Area Rug


Soothing shades of blue, taupe and cream come together in an abstract design in this casually cozy plush rug.

Hand-tufted  |   100% Wool  |  Made in India

Available Sizes & Pricing

Available Sizes & Pricing

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Wool carpets have outstanding easycare properties.  Flame resistance, stain resistance and resilience are characteristics inherent to wool and are not achievable by chemical treatments.  The high moisture content of wool fibers, along with its protein constituents, provide wool carpets with excellent natural flame resistance.  Wool fibers do not support combustion- it is difficult to ignite and is self-extinguishable.  The surface of a wool fiber is covered by a thin protective membrane which allows wool the ability to shed water.  This membrane prevents water from readily penetrating the individual wool fibers.


Fabricated by pushing surface yarns through a previously constructed sheet of primary backing to which the secondary back is laminated. The smooth classic finish often known is sometimes called “velour” or “velvet” pile, ideal for bringing a luxurious and sensual feel to rooms. The tops of the loops of wool are cut and the yarn is twisted and set to produce tufts of yarn that stand upright and produce a smooth, even surface.

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