Our Loire Dresser has a time worn appeal with it’s weathered oak finish in gray tone.  Substantial and significant, this cove top dresser is cozy and comfortable, yet chic and sophisticated.  This six drawer dresser features a cove top, framed sides, and six drawers, slim tapered legs and antique dark copper pulls.

Dimensions:  64″W x 19″D x 39″H

Regular price:  $1995





Surface Care: Regularly clean and polish your wood furniture to prevent dust buildup and maintain its finish. Always dust with the grain of the wood — never in a circular motion. We recommend Guardsman products for the polishing and protection of wood furniture.

Environmental Effects: Though our wood furniture is finished and sealed, sunlight and heat, as well as humidity and liquid, can harm it and/or change its appearance. Also, fluctuating temperatures cause wood to swell and shrink, so an environment with consistent temperature is recommended. Never place anything hot onto a wooden surface as it can cause discoloration. Keep wooden furniture away from air vents, humidifiers and fireplaces, as well as direct sunlight. All can have drying and/or bleaching effects.

Liquid: Use coasters or dishes under drinks, plants or anything else that contains liquid. Never let liquid or liquid-holding containers sit directly on wooden furniture surfaces, as they can leave white marks that might not come off. Some liquids can dissolve finishes and require professional repairs.