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Bina Sapphire Rug


The rich, sapphire blue tone pattern appears to be gently erased to replicate the look and feel of an antique hand knotted rug that has aged finely over time. A serenely striated, subtle pattern of cool taupe hues make the perfect backdrop. Crafted by hand in a Lori-Loom using a combination of wool and silkette.

Wool & Silkette Blend. •. Hand crafted in Lori-loom. •. Made in India




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Wool carpets have outstanding easycare properties.  Flame resistance, stain resistance and resiliency are characteristics inherent of wool and are not achievable by chemical treatments.  The high moisture content of wool fibers, along with its protein constituents, provide wool carpets with excellent natural flame resistance.  Wool fibers do not support combustion- it is difficult to ignite and is self-extinguishable.  The surface of a wool fiber is covered by a thin protective membrane which allows wool the ability to shed water.  This membrane prevents water from readily penetrating the individual wool fibers.

Silkette is popular for a number of reasons, most importantly its luxurious look and feel yet affordable price. Silkette is versatile and blends easily with other fibres. It is easily dyed and retains vivid colours particularly well. It is renowned for its silk like lustre, appealing drape and superior softness to cotton.
We recommend viscose for light traffic areas as it does absorb moisture – body oils and water. This can discolour and weaken the fabric and result in marking.

The loom is a structure that allows area rugs to be woven by holding the warp strands taut.
This time honored, hand crafted product has a natural beauty with inherent variations, irregularities, and inconsistencies. The loops may be inconsistent and vary in thickness and height.

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