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650 Fill Power Down Duvet Insert


Our signature domestic pure white down is locally sourced and thoroughly sanitized to ensure premium hypoallergenic quality. At 650 fill power, this comforter balances warmth with a lightweight loft.

Our 650-Fill Power Down Duvet Insert fill is an FTC regulation-guaranteed hypoallergenic. The down and feathers go through multiple washes and sterilization treatments with the ULTRACLEAN process. This uses 20 gallons of water per pound, recycled at a state-of-the-art facility.

Fill power signifies the number of cubic inches filled by one ounce of down. The higher the number, the more warmth, and loft.

We only use the finest materials to fill our comforters and pillows. Premium quality is our first priority, whether natural down or synthetic. Down is the most efficient natural insulator in the world and can be found on the underbelly of waterfowl. The domestically grown Pure White Down used in our bedding basics contains light, fluffy three-dimensional clusters that allow for warmth and comfort.

Our comforters are handcrafted with a baffled box design for maximum loft and to keep the fill from shifting. The three-dimensional boxes have walls sewn inside the comforter, providing depth and even fill distribution. To enhance its durability, we finish our comforters and pillows with fabric piping using double-needle stitching. Our comforters have corner loops that simplify attaching it to a duvet cover and guarantee that the comforter stays in place.

Cambric, or batiste, is a lightweight plain weave that is one of the most refined and dense kinds of fabric available. The long-staple yarn results in high-quality textiles that are strong yet light in weight. Its crisp and smooth surface gives a beautiful finish.

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Product Description

Care & Cleaning

Frequently fluff your down comforter and pillows by giving it a few daily shakes. The steady flow of air will bring back its natural loft.

Frequent or improper washing of the down can lead to excessive wear and tear and shorten its longevity and optimum performance. A properly cared for down product will only need washing every five years or so or when soiled. We strongly recommend that our products be cleaned by a professional launderer experienced with handling down.

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