Design Trend: Faux Shagreen

We love the application of faux shagreen in furniture.  Whether it’s on a whole piece or just an accent or trim, faux shagreen adds a remarkable element of texture and style.  Traditional shagreen which is still used in high end applications is made from shark skin.  Faux shagreen is an incredible surface which is more environmentally friendly, more durable and more consistent.

custom upholstered bed with faux shagreen detail
gray shagreen table lamp with brass detail
gray shagreen buffet sideboard storage cabinet

Surprising, Beautiful, Unexpected Texture!

ivory shagreen table lamp decor

Chic Accessories…

gray shagreen end lamp table with silver leaf

Faux shagreen is stylish, durable and oh so cool!

Gray shagreen 4 door cabinet

Many of our beautiful pieces can be customized in a variety of chic colors!

Furniture with custom finishes and shagreen color options

Add a dramatic focal point with these faux shagreen coffee tables

Add depth and detail to your space using exotic faux shagreen end tables

Faux Shagreen can be the “jewelry” in the room with these stylish drink tables!

A pop of the unexpected in an entryway or behind a sofa with these chic faux shagreen console tables

Love working from home with these delightful writing desks with faux shagreen accents!