Design Trend: Geometrics Jazzing Up Design!

We are loving the new geometric shapes in design! Geometric forms leave an open space in between the shapes which allow for a fresh, open and airy feel. Our eyes are drawn to the symmetry of the designs giving a soothing and calming effect. Using these shapes throughout a room in just the right measure gives a classic and lasting appeal that always feels refreshing!

3 Tips for Adding Geometrics into Your Interior Design

  • 1.   Choose geometrics with “white” space for a light and airy feel.

  • 2.    Mix your geometric shapes and sizes for a complimentary, synergistic feel.

  • 3.  Use geometric shapes and patterns to accent larger solid shapes such as a sofa without pattern.

Fun Fabrics!

Use these to add a fresh feel in pillows, window treatments, cocktail ottomans or accent chairs!

These delightful drink tables act as a geometric piece of art!  Add function and style to your space.

Architectural.  Eye-catching.  Function and Form.

These cool lamp tables add a stylish pop with their geometric forms!

glass and mirror end table
chrome and glass end table