How to choose the perfect Kitchen Stool

Everyone loves gathering at the kitchen island. This is one of the most multi-functional areas of your home.  On a daily basis, you probably use your kitchen island as surface to prepare food, a place for family and friends to gather, a place to eat or have a cup of coffee, a spot for paying the bills, kids doing homework, arts and crafts projects etc…   Choosing a stool for the island depends on a lot of factors.  The factors to consider are style, function, and practicality.  Luckily you can have all of them.  You don’t have to settle.  Looking for comfort and practicality… we can help you to pick a stool that is perfect for your space and needs.  See our quick checklist for some of the questions to ask yourself when searching for the perfect stool.

Design Tip:  Remember that Kitchen Stools are one of the most heavily used items of furniture in most home.  Make sure to choose a stool that is comfortable and that features quality construction.  Many of our stools meet the requirements for commercial installations and are built to provide long lasting comfort and durability for your family.

  • Measure the height of Kitchen Island – Bar (42″) or Counter (36″)

  • Measure the length of the island.  It is good general rule to provide 26″-28″ of space per stool. Check for obstructions (decorative counter top supports such as corbels) to determine spacing for stools.  

  • Functional & Comfort Decision – swivel or stationary, backless or stools with full backs, armless or stools with arms, etc. These decisions are based on space constraints and comfort desired.  Swivel stools and stools with arms require more space.  Backless stools are preferable when space is limited.  Stools with backs are much more comfortable for sitting for longer time periods.

  • Style- Choose stools that complement the style of your kitchen – modern, traditional, country…  You can choose stools that are simple and recede away for an understated style or you can choose stools that are full of style and add a distinct design element to your kitchen.  If you have a kitchen table and chairs nearby in the kitchen, it is good idea to keep them in mind when choosing the style, finish and material of the kitchen stools.

  • Material – Metal, Wood, Upholstered, Woven, etc  When choosing the fabrication of the stool, we advise our clients to keep both style and practical needs in mind.  A wood or metal stool are less maintenance with young children.  When selecting a wood or metal stool, it is good idea to choose one with a contoured (scooped) seat for more comfort.  With a great selection of performance fabrics such as Crypton and Sunbrella, you can choose an upholstered stool for great comfort and still be very practical.

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